Adrian Weidmann

StoreStream Metrics, Founder & Managing Director

Veranstaltungen mit Adrian Weidmann:

Adrian is a strategic visionary and trusted mediator who empowers brands and retailers to activate measurable digital experiences through measurement, predictive analytics and ROI analysis. Adrian has spent the past 22 years pioneering the activation and measurement of rich media communication. Adrian invented proprietary software that leverages data and behavioral analytics to model and optimize the efficacy of digital signage and rich media content. He uses these tools to create measured processes and translates them into actionable ‘Ah-ha” moments and recommendations.

His pragmatic views on measurement and optimization of digital in-store media have been quoted in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and QSR Magazine. In addition to being a Braintrust panelist for, Adrian is advisor to the Audio & Loudspeaker Technology International (ALTI) board, three technology startups encompassing content and experiential marketing, RFID merchandising and audio design. Clients include UPS, Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, and Dairy Queen.