Annelize Hochmann


Veranstaltungen mit Annelize Hochmann:

Annelize was born in Brazil and has been living and working in Buenos Aires for more than two decades and had her company in Panama as well. Since then, she has worked with the ferial stands industry, participating in the building process from the beginning until the end. Being in charge of sales, mainly b2b, eventually b2c, supporting the creatives, architects and designers translating customer's needs and also hiring the providers, whom she has built trustful relationships with all over the world.
Both with major and small projects.
In addition, she has worked, for 8 years, as main contractor for an entire exhibition show and dealing with 5 countries from LATAM and Caribe. She has total professional skills to work in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Organized professional, familiar with a high levels of demand, she has a dynamic, constant, optimistic and goal-oriented character, that she has applied to led highly complex projects with clients of various nationalities.