Kim Tchai

Tchai International B.v., CEO

Website Veranstaltungen mit Kim Tchai:

Tchai International is a family business in its third generation which is now run by Kim Tchai (40). The business has grown from making displays to displaying brands. In recent years, Tchai has evolved from a traditionally run organisation to one that’s all about maximising the personal potential of its people, clients and suppliers. However, what has always defined Tchai as a company remains: the relentless drive, the commitment, the inspiration that is collectively known as “Tchi”.

Twelve and a half years ago Kim started as an account manager at Tchai International. Later, she got hands on with marketing and design before moving into management. When she officially took over the steering wheel from her father, Kim disposed of all job titles and company departments. By doing so, she’s created a positive environment that encourages all employees to grow and unlock their talents. Therefore, Tchai believes in collaborative roles that team up organically. Kim describes her own role as Vision and Strategy, which she allocates under the purple colour of the Feng Huang, the mythical bird that represents Tchai’s organisational structure.  

Kim Tchai is a loving mother of two. Her background is in communication. Before joining the family business, she held a job in fashion for a Dutch designer in Amsterdam and worked for a company that brands medical disposables.

2019 was a stunning year in which Kim earned the business award titles Business Woman of the Year and the Rotterdamse Ondernemers Prijs 2019, (the award for the most inspiring entrepreneur of Rotterdam).