Marco Ferrari

ENSEMBLE, Creative Director

Veranstaltungen mit Marco Ferrari:

Marco is an Argentinian architect and designer with extensive experience in developing Interior Design for restaurants, shopping centers, retail, offices, and residential with unique personalities. As part of his responsibility of creative director at ENSEMBLE, he is always adding value to spaces and the lives of people who are going to inhabit them. His professional career includes more than 140 projected and completed architecture projects, some with great media coverage, positioning Marco as a referent in design, both in Argentina and the world.

Currently his leading the European branch of Ensemble, focusing on developing projects in the European market as well as further developing the business into the US and the MENA region. Spain, France, Belgium, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, United States, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina are some of the countries where he has had the opportunity to work and be part of designs with a strong identity. He is passionate about appropriating and understating different cultures. He is a specialist in understanding the context of each case and enjoys providing specific solutions for each challenge in each location.