Niklas Guggenberger

styleGREEN - FlowerArt GmbH, CEO

Veranstaltungen mit Niklas Guggenberger:

I was 18 years old, when I gave my presentation debut in front of a top-ranking jury of decision makers from different industries in the European BCG business competition final. When my team presented our business idea, a system to increase the comfort and safety for snowboarders during the lift ride, the adidas CHO asked me: "How did you come up with this idea?“. I answered this question with a simple solution: „t's a struggle to get up from the snow after a drop out from a lift ride from which we had a lot - and it’s painful. So we invented this system to ensure that we’ll have a stand up that will never let us down again in our life - and the pain was solved“.

My name is Niklas and I'm a digital marketing professional with passion on innovation and lean management. With more then five years of experience in the digital sector I have worked with plenty customers from small start-ups (e.g. FlowerBox) to global players listed on the stock exchange (e.g. adidas). Due to my participation in many projects from the consulting industry (e.g. BCG) I acquired the ability to develop strategic concepts and translating them into the real business world. I’m keen on building innovative digital products and solutions with the core idea of working lean, customer focused and based on metrics.