16:2016:40 27. Feb 2023
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Retail Technology Stage

New Research and Consumer Behaviours are Pointing Retailers to the Future

Zebra’s Global Shopper Vision Studies identify key consumer and market trends in retail, and the technology trends that are shaping the future. The changing nature of shopper behaviour is impacting retail operations. Pedro reveals insights from Zebra‘s latest research to explain why “manned checkouts are checking out” and how “retail associates are becoming knowledge workers.” How can retailers adopt different technologies to set themselves up for success?

  • Self-checkout and mobile checkout deliver the speed and convenience customers expect and give associates more time on the floor with customers.
  • Associates say more inventory visibility would be beneficial, helping speed up in-store fulfilment and ensure more shoppers leave the store with the items they wanted to purchase.

Both shoppers and associates expect the retail environment to be just as technologically advanced as their everyday lives. Pedro explains how Investments in personal shopper solutions will improve the shopping experience of customers while increase the efficiency and productivity of stores employees. Pedro will also cover radio frequency identification solutions, addressing loss prevention and real time inventory visibility with high levels of accuracy and item location. Tracking solutions are powerful tools available to retailers coupled with software solutions that apply automation.