15:4016:00 26. Feb 2023
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Retail Technology Stage

Autonomous Grocery Stores with Automated Operations

Blockstore Group is a technology start-up from Finland that offers autonomous and automated grocery store infrastructure and services. Founded in 2020, it works with grocery retailers in supporting them to open up autonomous and automated grocery stores. With the help of technology, we support grocery retailers to bring their stores closer to the consumers in an autonomous and automated way, combining online channel to in-store services, along with different delivery methods.

Providing consumers, a seamless shopping experience across the different channels (in-store or online complimented with different delivery methods) make autonomous grocery stores appealing. When we can connect a person to their shopping behavior across channels seamlessly, consumers can benefit from various services boosting the sales of the stores.

One of the most common types of grocery stores that are currently being introduced are cashier-less stores. A question becomes: can a retailer have a positive return of investment for their smart store just based on the reduced time for a check-out? Our answer is no, thus we created a complete solution that automates key business capabilities and delivers superior consumer experience.