11:2011:40 19. Feb 2020
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Best Practice for Self-Scanning Apps - How to Remove Friction

Self-Scanning has evolved from being a new trend fuelled by AmazonGo to a choice for many customers - the ability to scan and self-checkout or scan-and-go with a smartphone app can be the ultimate time-saver. But the user-experience has to be seamless - customers won’t give a second chance if the app doesn’t work first time, and every time. The critical success factor is the quality of the scanning engine, which must be completely reliable for your customers on all mobile device types, with all barcodes, in bad light or with damaged labels. Scandit turns any smart device into a powerful mobile scanner and has helped many retailers develop and implement successful mobile self-scanning services across the world. In this presentation you’ll see practical tips on how to create a great experience for shoppers - from stress-testing the scan engine in real-life conditions, to visibility of barcodes on shelves, to self-checkout space and re-scan policies. You’ll also see how adding augmented reality (AR) to a self-scanning mobile app can add an extra competitive advantage.