15:2015:40 27. Feb 2023
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Retail Technology Stage

Brand personalisation with Self-Service Retail

What Does the Store of the Future Look like? What retailer can offer to save high street shops? Let’s investigate!
Offline stores are facing extremely tough trading conditions as consumers switch to online shopping. The freedom that buyers get in online shops can contribute to the growth of traditional retail. Let’s experience self-service as a concept that has been implemented largely by e-commerce. Customers browse through positions, add what they wish in their shopping carts and check themselves out. Seamless experience!

While visiting groceries or high street fashion stores, customers are demanding the same treatment now. Mobile apps and high-tech devices have changed what a self-service retailer is capable of. The customer journey is now evolving dramatically, and traditional stores must do everything to meet the expectations of their shoppers. So, for a businessman thinking about becoming a self-service retailer, what should one expect? Where is the future of shopping experience headed?