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16:4017:00 18. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

Collaborative Machine Learning: How retailers can optimize and automate their processes

Every retailer collects data. But not every retailer has enough data to glean meaningful insights from it, or enough know-how to turn data into actions on their own. While the large online players like Amazon, Zalando & Co. are already pros at collecting and analyzing data, many smaller, traditional retailers are not.
What if these retailers could share their data to build up a big data pool comparable to that of the industry leaders? And what if this shared data could then be turned into actionable insights?
Find out how small- and medium-size retailers are securely and anonymously sharing their data on one central platform, and how our machine learning algorithms use this data to optimize prices and inventory according to each retailer’s individual needs. We call that collaborative learning – turning shared data into smart actions.