15:0015:20 26. Feb 2023
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Retail Technology Stage

How Lenovo OEM Solution and IMS Evolve help the world to optimize energy efficiency

The Lenovo OEM Solutions and IMS Evolve Keynote is intended to highlight the role that digital transformation can play in achieving and surpassing green objectives for many industries, including retail, and will run parallel to the themes and timeframes of COP27.

Why is it important to have a trusted partner when undertaking a digital transformation?
• Digital transformation is key to creating a greener food retail sector, from reducing food waste to optimizing energy usage.
• However, digitalization can be expensive and difficult to without the right partner and the right technology for your specific situation.
• Finding the right digital partner is crucial not just for completing a digital journey and unlocking the financial benefits of digitalization, but ultimately using digital tech to go green.
How can organizations work together in the cold chain to improve sustainability?
• Important to improve visibility across the cold chain to spread the benefits of digitalization.
• However, digital enhancements to the cold chain will only work if all parts of the cold chain go through a digital transformation, meaning smaller organizations along the chain must be helped.

Will collaboration lead to faster deployment of digitalization, and faster realization of the benefits?
• What are the benefits of an external digitalization partner, compared to developing digital technology in-house?
• If you had the power to get one thing agreed on at COP27 that would drive action in all U.N countries, what would it be and what impact would it have?