16:4017:00 27. Feb 2023
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Connected Retail-Stage

Immersive Commerce & the Metaverse

The metaverse is heavily debated and has been used as a catch-all term for anything that uses mixed reality, virtual reality, augmented reality, web3 technologies, nft and more. The metaverse does not exist except for some early experiments done in silos. A few retail concepts and VR games played with headsets are the only examples of true business-aligned metaverses, which are controlled or owned by brands and retailers. While the Standards organizations work towards defining the foundation of what will be the Metaverse, retailers can start their journey today using incremental steps by enabling more immersive commerce capabilities today. Focusing on immersive commerce enables retailers to focus on capabilities that will enable engaging with customers using some of the enhanced capabilities made available with emerging technologies shared in this session.