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11:0011:20 18. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

Microsoft Stores: Engaging customers and empowering store associates with Microsoft Tools at London Flagship Store

Microsoft wanted to create a world-class retail environment in London. Amidst a busy and competitive environment, Microsoft Store needed to be visually beautiful and contextually part of the London landscape, while creating opportunities to further our business goals. In particular, Microsoft Store is more than a place to shop – it is a place to learn from trusted experts, try new technology, and engage with community. For the Microsoft Store in London, Microsoft wanted to create the opportunity to engage with customers from consumers to commercial, including students, gamers, and IT professionals. In order to empower the Store Employees to live and embody the companies' inclusive and empowering culture, not only an engaging and enticing store layout was needed, but furthermore more efficient and engaging tools for communication and collaboration were needed. This session will showcase the store and provide insights in tools the Microsoft Store Associates use on a daily basis.