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15:2015:40 19. Feb 2020
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Phase Eight’s successful omnichannel strategy

Most Clothing and General Merchandise retailers are facing problems with poor online availability, this leads to : loss of sales and profit, poor customer retention and satisfaction, brand image degradation, etc. Omnichannel transformation is becoming a crucial business challenge that results in retailers maximizing the value of their store network by using them as order fulfillment points. We will return to the choice of Phase Eight who used OneStock’s stocks unification and Ship From Store Solution. Learn about the issues that encouraged the brand to use stocks unification and Ship From Store and discover the results achieved: £1.1m additional sales in just 8 weeks, +16% increase in online conversion rate, Improved customer satisfaction and retention, Within 24 hours from the moment the system went live, the number of sizes unavailable was reduced from 32% to 18%, Reduced costs and delivery times