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14:0014:20 18. Feb 2020
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Phygital Customers Journey for unconventional retail

The new Phygital Customer Journey developed by Hevolus Innovation for the Unconventional retail sector is a path that mixes the physical and digital world, allowing users to have multi-sensory and multi-device holographic augmented reality experiences in the store. From welcoming customers to the final purchase stage, the customer journey redesigns touchpoints with a customer-centric approach, linking each of them with the most suitable technological tool: PhotoPlanner, Augmented Store, 3D Configurator, Holo Project, MR Project, VR360. The expected result is an extraordinary amplification of the experience had in store, reaching a very high level of engagement and tearing down the "technological embarrassment". Users can use any device, the one they prefer or know best, from their smartphone to the HoloLens2. There are several benefits. The new Customer Journey does not only make the exhibition space of concept stores infinite and continuously upgradeable, but at the same time, it supports retailers in explaining any "new" content or product the brand wants to promote. Furthermore, this In-Store experience is like a web session, so you know all the steps of end customers. This feature gives incredible benefits to those in the corporation who have strategically organized the Customer Experience, as they directly receive info about all the final customers' sentiments (Azure Cognitive services).