14:4015:00 28. Feb 2023
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Connected Retail-Stage

Powering sustainability and circularity with connected products

Brands are transforming the way consumers engage and interact with their products by connecting physical items with the digital world. Along with creating engaging consumer experiences, brands are also enabling circularity, driving sustainability and providing digital traceability of the entire supply chain. They are leveraging digital ID technology to get to the granular level of traceability of products, understand the genealogy of each item and establish end-to-end supply chain traceability. With brands pledging net-zero carbon targets and growing consumer demands for transparency and provenance, traceability is becoming crucially important. And companies are turning to cloud-based solutions to accurately map their raw materials and carbon footprint at each stage of the supply chain and track from source to consumer and beyond. In this conversation, you’ll hear how global brands are leveraging these technologies to drive sustainability and the circular economy.