14:3015:00 28. Feb 2023
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Retail Designers Stage

Retail’s Future Formats – the ideas and innovations driving new retail Strategies, models and formats

Retail, and especially physical retail, has been challenged for some considerable time, but we are seeing new opportunities with more innovative and creative strategies that are redefining what effective design means for retail formats.

We find ourselves in a period where traditional norms are challenged, our perceptions of value and prestige are being redefined, and digital transformation has redefined operating models. It is no longer good enough to create beautiful spaces, but we have to address consumer needs and market trends, to ultimately create a more responsive, sustainable, and flexible future.

This flexible future will be nuanced, introducing new and innovative formats, challenging conventions, and creating new ideas and aesthetics.

This conversation covers a range of ideas and topics but will broadly discuss the impact and influence of new agile and hybrid spaces, the power of truly flexible and sustainable ideas, and how location is becoming an increasingly dynamic opportunity.