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Retail Technology Stage

The Future of Checking-Out!?

Recent trends in shopping seem to shift more and more towards checking out based on technologies varying from self-scanning to Smile-to-Pay. With progressive Retail tech gaining more momentum over the last few years, many trend-watchers and traditional retailers often address the big elephant in the room: Will traditional checkouts disappear? Some say yes, others say no, but no real conclusive evidence points in either direction.
Even recent research in the Netherlands seems contradictive, with a majority of the customers saying they regularly use self-service in stores and expressing their wishes in keeping the traditional checkout available in stores. However, in the meantime, new retail technology development is not standing still. With the many new ways customers can interact, and checkout in stores, finding a balanced mix between technology and personal touch is most likely the way to go in the future. But how do we do this, and what can we expect from front-ends going forward from here?