12:2012:40 01. Mär 2023
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Retail Technology Stage

The Future of Facilities Navigating through Sustainability Objectives and the Energy Crisis with rich asset data and automation

As we navigate through an Energy and Sustainability Crisis, retailers are looking to every department within their businesses to contribute to these company (and global) objectives. Join this session to discover how Facilities' role has changed and how automation, data allows facility managers to support this effort.
While in the Retail Industry, historically, Asset Management has played an important role within this department, lack of insights has inhibited Facility Managers from making proactive and strategic decisions. If things break we mainly fix them - with some preventive maintenance. Now with Automation, Data, Insights as well as IoT and connected assets, Facility Managers have visibility on how often assets fail, how long they fail for and why. They are able to make proactive repair/ replace decisions, correct issues faster and thanks to data on root causes and resolution codes, avoid major issues such food spoilage due to refrigeration units malfunctioning, which as we all know, is a major contributor to environmental damage.
Join David from Delhaize Belgium along with Sid and Leum from ServiceChannel as we look to uncover how proper maintenance plays a major role in Retail Companies overall Sustainability and Cost Reduction Initiatives.