14:2014:40 26. Feb 2023
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Connected Retail-Stage

The Modern Store

Mark will present “The Modern Store by Zebra” which is a visionary framework designed to help retailers solve the most pressing challenges they face in operating their stores. Backed by comprehensive services and a global partner ecosystem, The Modern Store by Zebra empowers retailers to better engage associates, optimise inventory and elevate the customer experience.

The Modern Store by Zebra will help retailers close the gap between planning and execution for labour, inventory and customer experience plans, giving retailers the ability to drive success today with the agility to forecast and adapt for tomorrow. Designed to support retailers’ long-term success, the Modern Store by Zebra feature:

  • Modern mobile devices and complementary capabilities like advanced communication and collaboration.
  • Optimized workforce management and streamlined task management solutions.
  • Ensures inventory is accurate across all channels, available and easy to locate in store s without undue burden on associates.
  • Removes friction from critical inflection points to make shopping experiences easier and more enjoyable, from browsing to checkout and purchase.

The Modern Store by Zebra will leverage Zebra’s comprehensive PartnerConnect partner ecosystem – including over 10,000 partners in 100 countries – supported by complementary integrations from three global tech leaders, Accenture, Google and Microsoft. Zebra's retail customers now benefit from tighter integration with the leading front-line worker collaboration platforms - Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace - and its growing portfolio of retail software solutions are now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.