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Store Design Stage

What impact does store design have on the customer experience?

What impact does store design have on the customer experience? Checkpoint Systems and grocery retailer, Silpo will explore just how important the retail environment can be.

Effective retail design can have a far-reaching impact on a business’ bottom line. In today’s climate, understanding the customer journey and implementing store design that improves engagement with customers is vital for survival.

Silpo, part of the Fozzy Group, is famous for its uniquely themed design concepts and in-store experiences very rarely seen in supermarkets. The retailer has been recognized in the 2021 Effie Index and in European Supermarket Magazine’s Finest Stores line-up. But how does Silpo deliver such creative, immersive environments and increased footfall while reducing shrinkage even in adverse circumstances?

By listening to customers, investing in R&D and delivering unmatched product protection, Checkpoint Systems has blown open design possibilities, meaning Silpo no longer has to compromise at the entrance or in-store and can invest in loss prevention that doesn’t affect the overall store design vision. Checkpoint’s new anti-theft technologies are the perfect choice to blend in with such innovative store designs, while still offering great protection, even in stores with wider aisles.