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14:3015:00 17. Feb 2020
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Retail Designers Stage

Placemaking – the Reinvention of Brand Spaces in the Digital Age

As a complementing counterpart of today’s omnipresent digital experiences, brands will have to turn into genuine personalities that can create real encounters and adventures. In his speech, Markus Schwitzke is talking all things Identity and Branding up to Inspiration, Sensual Experiences or “Instagrammable Moments” – and how Design can build the bridge.

Company Information:
Founded in 2010 as part of the Dusseldorf-based Schwitzke Group, today, a true design and marketing agency stands behind Schwitzke ID, with a 20-member team consisting of designers from various disciplines along with strategy and marketing experts. True to the motto "all about the brand", they create strong brands with a clear identity that delights people and holds potential to become a favorite brand. We are creating authentic brand personalities and an entire universe to go along with it: from the visual identity and brand story to all points of contact and even communication – whether offline or online.