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11:0011:20 17. Feb 2020
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A true quantum leap – Optimizing to a new level with Quantum inspired computing from Fujitsu

Quantum-inspired computing is the new disruption: The key to business success is all about optimization of value, risk, product, and process. FUJITSU Quantum-Inspired Computing Digital Annealer is that key – and is available to solve real world problems today. Using the Fujitsu Digital Annealer Solution, innovators now have the ability to calculate – instantly – the optimum sequence of steps for service and production processes from quintillions of possible alternatives. This can be in robot optimization in automotive and manufacturing setups, congestion-free traffic route optimization for logistics companies, last mile optimization for retailers, portfolio investment decisions for banks to minimize risk during financial crises, and accelerated drug discovery with faster molecular similarity identification for pharmaceuticals companies. The Digital Annealer solution, which includes an end-to-end consulting, service and delivery offering not only enables organizations to massively optimize their businesses but also to create new disruptive market opportunities in their sectors.