16:4017:00 01. Mar 2023
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Connected Retail-Stage

How AI can be used to enhance the Metaverse in Retail

The Metaverse, a virtual reality shared space, holds enormous potential for the retail industry. As it becomes increasingly accessible and sophisticated, retailers have the opportunity to use the Metaverse to create immersive, personalized, and interactive shopping experiences for customers. The keynote will provide an overview of the current state of Metaverse in retail, discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to enhance it and how retailers can capitalize on the vast possibilities it presents.

We will discuss several key areas where AI can be used to enhance the Metaverse in retail, including:

  • Using AI for personalization to recommend products and provide customized content based on customer preferences and past behaviors.
  • Automating repetitive tasks such as stock management and inventory tracking to save time and money.
  • Using AI-powered virtual assistants to help customers navigate the Metaverse, find products and answer questions.
  • Using predictive analytics to analyze data and predict future trends and customer behavior to make more informed decisions.
  • Creating more realistic and engaging virtual and augmented reality experiences in the Metaverse to attract customers.

This keynote will explore how Lenovo and its ecosystem of partners, can provide the best solution for AI and Metaverse implementation for retailers. By leveraging the expertise and technology of Lenovo and its partners, retailers can benefit from a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that can enable them to optimize their use of AI and the Metaverse, to drive efficiency and revenue and reduce losses and wastage.