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11:0011:20 20. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

An app used by 2m customers builds customer loyalty through advanced AI-driven data analytics

As a market leader with nearly 6,000 locations, Żabka faced unique challenges when it came to deepening customer engagement with its brand and products. After deciding that a loyalty program was the best option, they had to consider the technical difficulties involved in collecting, managing and leveraging data from millions of customers visiting such a large number of stores. In addition to the difficulty of developing a solution that could handle the scale of their operations, the ability to process data and react in real time was crucial, given the short windows of opportunity and micro-moments that form the foundation of a personalized experience. Synerise was able to deliver a solution that far exceeded the data processing power of conventional analytical tools, using AI algorithms to aggregate, integrate and segment data gathered both online and offline. This capability allowed Żabka to create multiple customer engagement scenarios and supply dynamic content to users based on their location and behavioral histories. Now, with over 2m users of an app that is among the most-popular in the app markets, the loyalty program engineered by Synerise is at the heart of Żabka’s customer-focused strategy and is driving growth through the advanced analysis of millions of daily transactions.