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16:4017:00 17. Feb 2020
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Augmented Reality - gadget or holy grail in Omni-Channel-Marketing

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are on everyone's lips... Why not use these technologies together to create a whole new omnichannel experience? Sensape has also asked itself this question and set out to make exactly that possible. Michael Lehnert reports about his experiences in the cooperation with big brands like Ritter Sport, Oreo, Smart and above all one of the most famous international brands for jewelry, watches and accessories, which offers a completely new customer experience in selected flagship & pop-up stores worldwide just in time for Christmas. The virtual fitting supported by augmented reality allows unlimited access to the world of jewelry and makes not only ladies' hearts beat faster. In cooperation with Sensape, based on artificial intelligence and the latest methods of image recognition, a stationary system was developed, which represents an entirely new customer journey and bridges the gap between online and offline sales channels directly at the POS. The result is the perfect symbiosis of virtual and real world. Additional interactive screens allow customers to experience the brand from their perspective. In our presentation, we show significant milestones in the conception and realization of the project, give insights into the ups and downs of the international rollout and talk about first results and intercultural experiences with the system or our customer.