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Best Practices US: How E-commerce & stationary retail became connected commerce

The integration of “on-line” and “off-line” continues to develop at an incredibly quick pace in the North American grocery industry. Consumers are adapting and finding their preferred method of shopping in both worlds, for example, many consumers want to skip the line at the Deli so they order their meats and cheese on-line with a specified pick up time. Once they arrive at the store, they pick up their personalized order and complete the rest of their shopping. Another popular shopping trend is “click and collect” especially driven by 3rd party companies that give you the choice of the retailer you want to shop from. These companies have also created a new line of extra income for people willing to “opt in” for work over and above their regular incomes. The presentation focuses on solutions and applications that can be integrate with on-line systems to reduce costs and make the stores run more efficiently. Implementing “click and collect” along with delivery services and other new technologies have been quite a cost burden for retailers so we will explore ways to ease the pain.