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Retail Technology Stage

Blackbox Shopping Center – How the New Generation of Sensor Technology leads to an Increase in Conversion in the Münster Arkaden

Our shopping centers are facing a turning point. Will malls disappear for good from our city centers, or will they blossom under a new shopping center renaissance?
One thing is certain: Very few retailers and department store operators today know exactly what happens in their department stores on a daily basis. How important are anchor stores really? How do different stores correlate with each other? How many stores do customers visit on average? And how many people are classified as department store visitors without having entered a single store? How much does traffic within a department store increase during vacation periods?
Answers to such questions are provided by state-of-the-art, highly accurate visitor flow analyses. And the results are of the utmost importance for retailers because only those who know how customers move through their space can imitate them and entice them with the optimal offer. Using never-before-seen visitor flow analyses from the Münster Arkaden, Omar Tello shows what goes on daily in our department stores, how visitors behave, and what strategic conclusions department store and store operators need to draw from this for their business. He is certain that digitisation can save stationary retail.