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11:0011:20 19. Feb 2020
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Connecting customers with Omnichannel Inventory using RFiD

Checkpoint Systems and the Desigual clothing brand are to unveil the implementation and implications of their latest project: HALO, an RFID technology system applied to omnichannel orders that increases store productivity, sales and customer satisfaction. Desigual sells six product categories through ten distribution channels therefore, to be able to stand out, the brand needs an efficient system for distributing customer orders in over 90 markets. With HALO, what up to now was a challenge has become not only a reality, but a competitive advantage: the ability to deliver any type of product, in the shortest possible time, regardless of where the order is placed or the geographical distance involved. Thanks to HALO, orders placed online are distributed according to inventory data and merchandise availability among the more than 500 establishments owned by the company. Furthermore, this system helps store staff to prepare orders by indicating where items are located and scheduling shipment. The adoption of RFID technology will raise productivity in Desigual stores, increasing the number of orders processed per hour, while boosting sales and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the RFID ecosystem, Desigual will always be present wherever its customers want it to be. Welcome to the omnichannel era. Welcome to Desigual.

Desigual is an international fashion brand that was established in Barcelona in 1984. It is famous for the individuality and unique character of its creations, which aim to bring positivity and authenticity to thousands of people who want to express the best version of themselves. This global firm is committed to innovation and new technologies through which it can provide greater value to its clients in their shopping experience and promote a trend of change within the fashion sector in an open and disruptive way. The company currently has a workforce of over 3,700 employees and is present in nearly 90 countries through 10 sales channels, over 500 branded stores and six product categories: Woman, Man, Kids, Accessories, Shoes and Sport.

Checkpoint Systems is the only vertically integrated RF/RFID solution provider for retail. With consumer demands accelerating at an extraordinary rate driven by technology, Checkpoint delivers intelligent solutions – bringing clarity and efficiency into the retail environment anytime, anywhere. Through a unique offering of software, hardware, labels, tags and connected cloud-based solutions, Checkpoint optimizes retail operations and efficiencies with real-time intuitive data delivered throughout the supply chain and in-store resulting in improved profitability and an enriched consumer experience. Checkpoint's intelligent retail solutions are built upon 50 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss prevention solutions, market-leading software, RFID hardware and comprehensive labeling capabilities to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf.