16:2016:40 17. Feb 2020
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Creating a 360° Customer Experience across all Touch Points

In this presentation you will find out how customer behaviour is changing and how the focus on customer experience in retail has an impact on driving operational excellence and efficiencies. You will get an overview how to understand and improve the customers’ journey along various touchpoints in an omni-channel environment. Based on the concept of a Customer Experience test lab in a retail environment we will showcase how you can identify the key sources of friction points but also customer Wow-moments during the customer journey, so that your organization can reach its objectives successfully. Whilst friction points are the enemy of the modern retail industry, matching up with the customer’s expectations and keeping the operational efficiency at the same time is another challenge for companies. With concrete examples, we illustrate how you can design an effective customer-centric experience that meets consumer expectations and creates customer satisfaction in a competitive marketplace. Learn how retailers can optimize and improve their omni-channel strategy with real-time customer feedback data as part of their key performance indicators. Our results will show how the integration of real-time feedback management is a determining factor for retailers to increase their store revenue and efficiencies.