14:0014:30 19. Feb 2020
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The biggest pictures of the world, art meets large format

Yadegar Asisi and his team realize exhibition projects, the center of which is the panorama. The 360 ​​° panoramas create visual worlds that detach themselves from two-dimensionality and elevate them to monumental art spaces. Former gasometers or newly designed rotundas provide the circular framework for the paintings, which have no beginning or end. The topics range from hyper-realistic city vedutas to natural spaces to collective historical moments.

The exhibitions introducing the panorama are designed using large-scale installations. They introduce the illusionary space with a sophisticated dramaturgy by addressing pointed aspects of the panorama and its subtext. The central highlight is the panorama with a height of up to 32 meters and a circumference of 110 meters.

The largest images in the world have been produced in Germany for more than 15 years. In cooperation with the artist and his team, the Chicago-based company Moss has created a workflow that breathes life into the more than 3000 square meters of visual world.

Peter Bottenberg, Managing Director of Moss Europe GmbH and Heidi Katherine, Senior Vice President Global Design and Development Moss Chicago would like to take you on a 30-minute journey from design to installation of the artwork.

Experience breathtaking illustrations and the fusion of real handcraft combined with a highly digital world.