11:0011:20 20. Feb 2020
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Digital signage in retail - what works, what doesn't?

Digital signage expert Patrick Schröder describes in his presentation what is important when using digital and interactive screens and kiosk systems at the POS. Which pitfalls must be avoided, where do many retailers make mistakes and how do you actually use digital signage? How do you succeed in retaining customers, increasing their length of stay in stationary shops and increasing sales with digital signage? The speaker will give practical tips on how to choose the right locations, content and strategies and will show which applications work particularly well using concrete practical examples. He shows that digital signage today has to do more than just display content: Digital signage must be a fundamental part of the customer journey. At the POS, more intelligence is required in digital signage applications, for example through the integration of RFID, in order to display content when customers take a certain product off the shelf. The presentation shows that digital signage must support retailers in strengthening communication with customers and in benefiting from an intelligent digital signage strategy based on big data analysis. Using automated algorithms, it is already possible today to control targeted digital signage campaigns, for example to actively advertise slow-moving items and thus sell off stock efficiently thanks to Smart Stocking.