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10:4011:00 18. Feb 2020
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Disrupting the Future of Retail: Why trade loses contact with its customers and what it needs to do to play a role in the future

It is not eCommerce or online retailers that will determine the future of commerce, but the Internet of Things. Two social changes are the basis for this development: the purchasing behaviour is changing. More and more Germans think that shopping for consumables – both online and offline – is annoying. For 59 per cent of Germans, the time factor counts when shopping; when making regular purchases, 67 per cent of buyers always buy the same products of the same brands. Time reduction and efficiency are the key factors.
Digitization: Almost 20 per cent of German households are already networked with IoT solutions; by 2023, this figure will have risen to over one third. Tech giants like Samsung have already announced that they will network all their household appliances in the future.