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14:0014:20 19. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

Enable Daily In-Store Operations to the Shop Floor – Showcase of a Digitalization Pilot

For customers today shopping is all about: Speed, Convenience & Flexibility. They want to shop anywhere at any time and expect a seamless experience whether shopping in-store or online. While e-commerce is a significant piece of the modern days shopping experience, 90% of retail purchases are still made in stores. Retail stores need to become even more efficient and one key factor to get there is digitalization. For retailors to succeed in this new environment they need to find a way to benefit from the possibilities new technology brings. Manual and slow processes need to be streamlined and automized, to enable staff to be near the customer, and give them the seamless experience expected. Together with a large Swedish hypermarket, ICA Maxi Stormarknad Högsbo, we have committed to enable physical stores to stay competitive. By digitizing store operations, optimizing current and new processes, and enabling the store’s systems into one app for the store management to interact with, new levels of efficiency has been reached. With this speaker session we invite the audience to join our exciting yet tough experience towards digital store operations – all made possible by placing retail applications in the hands of the store staff, enabled by Azure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTi6e5xAZqQ