16:4017:00 31. May 2022
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Retail Technology Stage

ESL 2.0 – The next generation of ESL: smart and batteryless

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) experience a strong demand and are currently being deployed across many retail sectors. Initially driven by the fact that ESLs put an end to manual shelf labelling, the benefits of dynamic pricing for the retailers’ bottom line have well been understood and are the primary reason for their rapid growth. Yet, as the number of ESL tags deployed is rapidly rising, the demands for a more sustainable ESL generation (i.e. battery replacement) have become louder. For the first time, a new generation of ESL is being introduced at EuroCIS 2022. These ESL tags harvest their energy through photovoltaic, even in low-light LED conditions. In this presentation the cost advantages of those new generation ESL tags are being addressed, as well as further smart features that can be expected from this incoming ESL innovation.