13:0014:00 02. Mar 2023
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Exhibitions: the best career choice in the world!

A career in the exhibitions is rewarding & fulfilling in so many ways. In a professional sense you help companies connect, do business and grow, and this is true of all industries, and all sectors.  And in a personal sense you meet people from all over the world, can travel and get to be part of the magic (and chaos) of these unique live events.

Despite this, very few professionals choose the exhibition industry as a career, most fall into it by accident. Is this due to a general lack of awareness about industry, and what it offers?  Is it due to exhibitions being considered the “boring” relation to other types of live events?   An additional complication was that during the pandemic when exhibitions were shut down around the world for up to 2 years, many staff and talent left the industry, and are yet to return.

Thankfully we see that face to face exhibitions cannot be replaced by virtual products, and the demand for exhibitions means that in 2023 the industry will recover to 94% of pre-pandemic levels globally.  In addition, the pandemic has obliged us to learn us new digital skills and develop new digital products, as well as grow our traditional audiences to ne potential attendees.  So the future is very bright, and the industry can look forward with confidence once again.

So join us in this session to find out what a career in the international exhibition industry can offer, what is the current international outlook, what are the latest trends in the industry and what organizers and venues are prioritising in the coming years.