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Expensive, rigid & complex
How in-person events have to renew their right to exist

The global pandemic has been catalyst to the rise of virtual events, while in-person events had to remain at home. During the period even non technophile users have made their first steps into the virtual world and participate in virtual events naturally. On top of that platforms have evolved and increased usability and stability.

Now that in-person events are feasible again, the battered industry of in-person events comes back to live and is confronted with dramatic cost increases, shortage of skilled manpower and long lead times. Why should companies invest in expensive in-person events instead of continuing the use of virtual events, that have become the new normal?

Innovative companies have been using the automated visitor tracking technologies like Event-Metrics to measure the Total-Interaction-Time (TIM) to proof the advantages of in-person events compared to virtual events and thus deliver a strong motivation for in-person events.