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15:0015:20 17. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

Field Force Automation for Retail

Our Field Force automation is used by Retail, Convenience, Petrol Stations also for Merchandise & Promotion, Replenishment, Store Operations. Use of our solution prevents hazards at your shops and restaurants and helps to ensure brand standards.
We aim to help retailers and other companies with dispersed labor force to simplify management of their tasks and to make sure that all of them are carried out to the highest standards.
No matter what processes you need to implement – Visual Merchandising, Replenishment, Store Safety, Store Maintenance, Food Safety, Promotional Activities – we turn time-consuming and boring tasks into ones which are fast, simple and stress-free.
We manage multiple data sources to speed up the performance such as GPS, barcode scanner, Real-Time Image Recognition, Machine learning and we also integrate with IoT.
We work in a SaaS model and implementation of our system is relatively easy and fast as for an enterprise software used by thousands of employees per company.
That's why our list of happy clients is growing fast in Europe and we got our first tests on other continents.