16:0017:00 26. Feb 2023
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Global Collaboration Network - Expanding Horizons with IFES

IFES stands for a global network of the service industry for Events and Exhibitions. It creates a global collaboration space in order to enable excellence in performance and understanding of the developments and demands in the events industry. The strength of multinational collaborations is a contribution to the industry in order to be able to meet both the interests of the industry and the needs of its customers.

Collaboration. Partnership. Change. Together everyone achieves more. Do you want to be part of our network?
The network flourishes through its members. Only through their involvement transformation and the promotion of innovations and new standards can succeed. Together we need to pave the way for the younger generation. Topics such as sustainability and digitalization have come to stay. Together, we must establish sustainable business models, make resource use more efficient and make targeted use of the strengths of networks. Our horizons must be broadened in the future in order to be able to advance the changes, that move us forward. Cooperation supports the strengths of each and every one of us. It expands our capabilities, creates new businesses and changes perspectives.