11:0011:20 02. Jun 2022
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Retail Technology Stage

Focus on Retail - Computer Vision Leads to the Intelligent Store

It is no secret that companies create competitive advantages for themselves to develop their connected retail strategies faster. Due to the tough price war and very similar product worlds in retail, the focus lies on customer centricity and knowledge about the customer. Thereby, digitalization brings a multitude of new opportunities.
Computer vision can be used to obtain relevant, anonymized information about customers and their behavior, which can be used to make operational and strategic decisions. In addition, computer vision acts as an innovation driver for new service offerings that further merge the real and digital worlds of the customer. Frictionless shopping or in-store analytics, among others, are examples of applications that represent how the future of stationary retail can be actively shaped by mature AI methods. The focus does not only lie on the added value for the customers, but also on the efficiency gain for the own team, which can then live more and more customer orientation.