16:4017:00 31. May 2022
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Connected Retail-Stage

How improving customer satisfaction and in-store operations became the foundations for successful omnichannel strategy in retail

The past two years have shown that retailers need to be fast adapting new strategies to answer customer needs in this rapidly changing world. The Covid pandemic shifted the way customers shop, establishing the importance of ecommerce presence and instant delivery solutions. As a result of this change, brick-and-mortar stores have registered significant decrease in footfall, impacting the overall sales performance. However, there is something about physical stores that virtual reality cannot provide – the real store experience. The success lies in adding human touch to the customer experience – engaging and motivated store staff. Improving the customer service level will help stores increase conversion rates and boost sales performance. The store staff will play the first fiddle in this process.

The exponential growth of ecommerce sales creates an opportunity for click & collect services. According to Adobe Digital Economy Index BOPIS grew by 259% in August 2020. Retailers can use this trend to embrace their physical stores. The future of retail is not physical vs online, it is omnichannel. By bridging the gap between those two channels retailers can significantly improve in-store customer experience and increase sales in physical stores.