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How to turn your webshop into a personal shopping assistant

How to turn your webshop into a personal shopping assistant

Brick and mortar retail scores with consumers above all through personal assistance and advice. By using personalization, webshop operators can also create shopping experiences perfectly tailored to their users – and can gain a competitive advantage. Customer needs must be forecasted in real time and the right content must be displayed at the right time and in the right place. But how exactly can the webshop be turned into a personal shopping assistant, what data must be analyzed and merged, how can customers be addressed perfectly across all channels and which tools are helpful for driving those experiences? Markus Fröhlich, Chief Sales Officer at trbo, will explain all that in his presentation.


  • What brick and mortar retail and e-commerce can learn from each other
  • What can e-commerce do better than stationary retail and vice versa?
  • How can the two channels be combined?
  • Sensible use of customer data (online and offline)

Examples of topics:

  • Targeted actions based on the origin of the user (e.g. price comparison websites)
  • Alternatives for sold-out products, additional articles to already purchased products
  • Raffles and gamification elements in the webshop
  • Use of customer loyalty systems online for further personalization
  • Personalized reactivation of customers