14:0014:30 02. Mar 2023
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IFES Talent Team - Combining young creative ideas with the power of experience.
We are the Future

It will be up to the next generation of the Events & Exhibition industry professionals to take our industry forward. The Talent Team is a group for the under 40’s young talent working within our sector – a solutions-driven hub for knowledge sharing, collaboration and brainstorming.

Let’s put our heads together to resolve the common issues we face globally, share best practice and to highlight new innovations and the ever-changing requirements of the market.

Together, the goal is to bring fresh wind to the industry, make a valuable impact on the association and inspire long established company leaders to meet customer needs optimally.

In this session we will reflect on the following:

Why do we need young people in our Industry, what are their needs and how can we retain them in the Events & Exhibition Industry?