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16:0016:30 16. Feb 2020
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Store Design Stage

Industrial wall design – the easy way

Precious wall plaster as a wallpaper instead of powder offers consistent quality,
appearance and authenticity worldwide through the prefabrication in a manufactory in Germany. This offers industrial corporate wall design in stores, hotels, gyms, and all other companies over the world. The higher costs for the wallpaper in comparison to powder is caused by the cost allocator from the processor on the construction site to the prefabrication in the factory. The inhouse design of McFit, which is the largest fitness center chain in Europe, decided to go back to wallpaper, because of the economic benefits in terms of working hours, prices, processing and identically look of mineral wallpaper compared to spatula techniques.

Corporate Industrial Design in Concrete, size: 5 x 500 m2 John Reed & McFit Studios. 15-20 upcoming studios in 2020.