12:2012:40 18. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

Integrated digital shopping concept in a leading department store chain in Germany

Bütema AG has accomplished a major milestone for a leading German department store through integration of mobile ERP processes and sales assistant app with the equipment of digital solutions. The employees have been equipped with the InStore Assistant on mobile devices, which can be used for mobile ERP processes as well as sales advice, shopping basket and omnichannel processes. Backoffice Service employees for example have the ability to handle stock receipts, disposition and stocktaking. Salespeople can scan items, retrieve availability, and order items for customers. One device that gives all employees access to the processes and data they need for their daily work. Apart from that, Digital Counter Cards have been installed and replace on highly frequented locations the paper signs. Digital signage displays and large-format LED walls contribute to emotionalizing and serve as a guidepost.