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16:4017:00 16. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

Making Unintelligent Spaces Intelligent – Computer Vision Enhances and Aides the Retail Experience

Customers are looking for a frictionless retail experience—they want to discover a product, learn about it and make a purchase decision with as little resistance as possible (often without salesperson interaction). With a smartphone in their pocket, a customer can learn more details about a product, often faster, on their own then when talking to an employee. What if your retail space was as smart as a phone without the device? Using computer vision, any surface can be easily converted into an intelligent sales device with no need for direct power supply, no infrastructure that is susceptible to maintenance problems through heavy use, no need for RFID or beacon technology. Using computer vision and computer learning, not only can retailers create an “endless aisle” but they can increase customer dwell time, reduce shrinkage, enhance customer interaction, create strong cross promotional sales and produce a sales lift, all while creating the frictionless shopping experience customers seek. This technology solution is being used successfully in the U.S., Europe and Asia in grocery stores, clothing stores and even car dealerships. The possibilities are nearly limitless, and the technology solutions work at the countertop or shelf level, and even back stock area and more. Computer vision will revolutionize the retail space. Unintelligent surfaces and spaces become smart; the inanimate becomes animated.