15:4016:00 01. Mar 2023
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Marketing in the Moment

Personalization in retail marketing has become shorthand for knowing who a customer is and delivering offers and messaging that they'll find relevant. But advances in technology and the acceleration of omnichannel shopping are about to usher in the next phase of personalization: Marketing in the Moment.

During this talk, Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye will showcase how businesses today can include additional dimensions of context to their personalized marketing efforts – moving beyond just the who and the what, but to where and when. He will illustrate how this can create opportunities for retailers to reach customers at the optimal time, enabling them to add value at every stage of their customers’ journey and to positively influence decision-making at the times when it matters most.

“Marketing in the Moment” will do for marketing what “near me” did for search. It is retail marketing’s next great transformation, with businesses finally gaining the ability to interact and engage with their customers in a contextually relevant way, not just online but in physical stores, when they’re most primed to make their purchasing decisions.

Marketing in the Moment is about recognizing that the customer journey is comprised of moments – singular intersections of time, intent and context. And moments matter – to brands, to retailers and most importantly to people."

-Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye