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16:2016:40 19. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

MDE4.0 - Build your own device. The mobile data acquisition device in the age of smartphones

ACD Elektronik GmbH is revolutionizing the future of modular data acquisition in business with the modular device for mobile data acquisition, the M2Smart®. It has a patented slide mechanism that can be used to fit a wide range of modules – quickly and easily with no tools. Reordering goods, stocktaking, temperature measurements, price labeling and other store processes are all possible with just one mobile data acquisition device. A wide range of modules including keyboards, temperature sensors, printers, RFID readers and payment modules can be developed and produced for specific customer requirements at any time. The diversity of terminal devices on sales floors is significantly reduced. This unique new hardware modularization minimizes costs and overhead at the point of sale.