14:2014:40 19. Feb 2020
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Order 24/7 for the future of the Wholesale Community

Increasing customer demands and fast growing, competing business models are creating many new challenges for fashion wholesale. Topics such as the availability of articles, web presence or the rapid change of collections clearly show that the wholesale community has to optimize processes, guarantee an efficient exchange of data and work together seamlessly. This includes, among other things, a rapid exchange of content such as product images, marketing material or other product attributes, as well as the simple transmission of stock availabilities and order data. During his talk René Schnellen, co-founder of Fashion Cloud, will present a solution to these challenges: Fashion Cloud is Europe's leading B2B platform for the fashion industry and has set itself the goal of bringing brands and retailers closer together as well as optimizing all interactions between the two of them. The talk will be mainly focussing on the OrderWriter app, which René Schnellen will demonstrate in a live demo. Thanks to OrderWriter, not only the collaboration of brands and retailers improves, but also an essential process in the fashion industry gets modernized and made more efficient - the pre-order process.