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From manufacturer of carpets, floor and wall coverings for living spaces to the evolution towards highly customized products and services for the exhibition industry
Montecolino turns to green

In 2017 Montecolino treasured the experience of recycling industrial waste and began to recycle carpet after use; montECOlino recycling carpet project was born.
In a world where everyone talks about sustainability, it is important to measure our performance to let the numbers speak.
Recycled carpet or recyclable carpet: which is the best choice for the exhibition industry?

Circular Economy open towards other industries or Circular Economy closed within the exhibition industry, advantages and disadvantages, which model is it better to adopt?
Wèp: the first exhibition panel with a stress mark on ecology, an innovative product and system.

Net Zero Carbon Event and the choice to sign the manifesto and support the initiative.
The road to reduce 50% CO2 emissions by 2030.